Austria’s International Cultural Network

Austria’s International Cultural Policy is part of the Austrian Ministry for European and International Affairs. The focus of our work lies in the promotion of Austrian artists and scientists, as well as providing them the opportunity to network with partners abroad.

Through the International Cultural Policy’s worldwide network, opportunities for international collaboration are explored, future cooperation is developed, encounter is enabled and bridges are built.

The International Cultural Policy actively contributes to the further development of European integration; intercultural dialogue initiatives are contributing to the building of trust.

What Is Important to Us

Culture is a valuable asset for which Austria is world-renowned. International relationships and friendships built on the basis of artistic, scientific and intercultural encounters have a special quality, enabling deep and meaningful exchanges.

89 Embassies and Consulates-General
30 Cultural Fora
65 Österreich-Bibliotheken (Austria Libraries)
10 Österreich Institute (Austria Institutes for language education)
2 Offices for Science and Technology
1 Cooperation Office

Directorate-General for International Cultural Relations
Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs
Minoritenplatz 8, 1010 Wien I phone: +43 501150-0 I I